Linking For a Better Tomorrow

In my search for resources for this project I have come across a remarkable blog by Kait.

She is a 24 year old girl with bipolar disorder who blogs to break the stigma about mental illnesses and to offer encouragement to those who also have bipolar disorder or another mental illness.

Weathering The Storm is a remarkable resource for those looking for encouragement or information. The posts are full of poignant thoughts and carefully gathered points on important topics such as things to consider if someone with a mental illness wants to have children or lists of inspirational quotes and thoughts to brighten someone’s day. I admire Kait for her ambition to work to break the stigmas around mental illnesses, the honesty of her posts, the educated conversational tone of her posts, and the resources she has gathered. It really is a remarkable blog and experience to read.

Check out her blog. It’s a great source of information, inspiration, and insight.



About Christine

Writer, editor, and aspiring violinist. Located in central New Jersey, Christine has a passion for writing and loves to learn new things. Feel free to e-mail me at or tweet me @steeniej.
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One Response to Linking For a Better Tomorrow

  1. jorierao says:

    I think it’s great how you found this blog. It is a good way to get into someone’s head without asking them directly. Blogs are full of raw emotion and experience so this will help you in your final project.

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